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, inovator, imbeccatore... a-muh-di! I've been through so many apps of this sort over the years, many of them failed to make it beyond the prototype stage. I'm glad to see this one finally going through, with very much promise to it as it stands now. Some technical details of the system that I like: It's based on asynchronous data transfer. There's no network activity during the transfer of packets between the client and server. On the server end, there's no need for a TCP/IP connection, just use a socket and send/receive from/to the application-specific buffers. The protocol works with incoming/outgoing data sent by the network. The sender keeps the state on the client end and the receiver keeps the state on the server end. This means that if the client application's buffers are full (e.g. for reading) it can queue up the data it's going to send to the server and free up space for it later. This also means that it is possible to transfer multiple packets at once. The clients can also pause or retransmit when dropped. The data transfer system supports in-flight retransmission, in which the sender will notify the receiver of packet loss and then continue to send packets that were lost. The client-to-server and server-to-client packets are encoded in a manner that allows a full overlap of them. That is, the client will send all its packets to the server in a single roundtrip, followed by the server sending all its packets back to the client in a single roundtrip. This is true even if the client and server are operating in different time-synchronized clocks. The system supports multiple clients. There's also an experimental XMPP implementation of the messaging protocol included with the system. This is as an example to show that the system can also support a synchronous architecture if the client chooses to use it. The main attraction for me is that it supports packets of arbitrary sizes. A benefit of this is that it allows for something like a streaming-style packet-by-packet transfer between the client and server. Another benefit of this is that it allows for a better support for applications that send lots of data without being limited by the maximum packet size. I hope this can be used as a template for any data transfer system which aims to address the problem of large



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ErcPress Tapul Inventator

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