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Music is Timeless and New Edition Proves It

Updated: Apr 24

If there is one group who has truly stood the test of time, it's New Edition. I remember when I first heard their music in the 90s, there was something so uniquely amazing about the group that to this day I still can't put my finger on. I recently had the opportunity to attend their Legacy Tour which featured Tank, Guy, and Keith Sweat before New Edition graced the stage, and let me tell you, it was an experience I'll never forget. New Edition has been on countless tours over their 40 year reign in music but something about this tour in particular resonates with me. From the audience, to the simple blessing that all of the members of New Edition are able to get up on stage, 40 years later, and still put on a remarkable show is something to be talked about.

Looking around at the crowd in attendance for the Legacy Tour, it was clear, the 70s were in the building. The DJ had the crowd cheer for the decade they were born in and the 70s were overwhelmingly in attendance. As I looked at all the "girl groups" and couples, it was pure joy and happiness. I couldn't help but think about how these now adults, were once teenagers who had big crushes on artists like Guy, Keith Sweat, and New Edition. I think about how much they've all been through over the past 30+ years and how attending a New Edition concert brought them back to a time when they were young and having fun.

I sat next to a gentleman who was dressed in his suit and hat, he was relatively reserved for most of the show but when certain songs came on, he would stand up and it was clear that once upon a time he was young when these songs were new and fresh and he loved them! I saw quite a few suits that night and it's interesting to me that some of the gentlemen in attendance who wore suits, were clearly part of a different time than me. The outfits alone were worth a post but I'll save that one for another day. Back in the day, wearing a suit to a concert or to the club was the thing to do, and while those trends have slowly faded away to jeans and cargos, the music still remains.

The actual performances were ones to remember. Tank sang with impeccable vocals, Guy brought so much energy (of course Teddy Riley brought some extra hits as well), and Keith Sweat was so smooth! When New Edition took the stage, I was truly grateful. Seeing all six members up on stage performing their hits as a group and individually was a blessing. I loved the setlist and think they truly encompassed New Edition and the impact they've made in music.

There's something about music that pauses time. Most of us have a song where we remember exactly where we were during the time it released, and how it made us feel. I feel like many of the people at the New Edition show were feeling every bit of nostalgia that one can feel on a night like this. With the rising costs of concerts (more on that later), and all of the other chaos in the world, one thing is for sure, music is the gift that keeps on giving. I'm forever thankful that I was able to see New Edition live and I hope they feel all of the love they truly deserve. Check out a few clips from the show below!

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